Members designed a constant and you will enough time-term connection with the fresh new frog, which is a consistent parasocial relationships

Brand new semi-prepared interview information incorporated about three main bits: very first advice, the brand new determination getting and you will connection with playing Travel Frog, and you may private traditions position and you may social relationship. Inside basic guidance part, private information along with years, business, town of house, electronic video game choice and you may games-to play history are compiled. Regarding 2nd region, interviewees responded inquiries such as “Just how did you learn more about this video game?”, “As to the reasons do you get involved in it?”, “What did you think of the frog regarding game?”, “Do you actually ever see it since your dogs/friend/partner/child?”, “As to the reasons otherwise you need to?”, and “Maybe you have overlooked they?” The next area of the interview is centered on interviewees’ answers in the previous region to help you query in their real-life condition. Including, whether your interviewee told you Traveling Frog made them feel comfortable, we might query whether the guy/she experienced troubled indeed and also the source of pressure. Whenever they stated they preferred the lifestyle of your own frog when you look at the another region, we might make them view the latest lives and you will identify their most useful lifetime, etcetera. The interviews was in line with the interviewees’ solutions, and interviewer continued inquiring inquiries to help you ask much deeper to your the brand new interviewees’ responses.


With respect to the interviews information, we unearthed that very interviewees initially downloaded the new software and you will began to relax and play in order to follow a social trend and you can show a common expertise in loved ones. It didn’t esteem brand new frog from the video game since a good son to start with, however, concerned take action over the years because they starred the fresh new game. Just after constant activities towards the frog, interviewees reported that it respected and you can enjoyed the frog’s depicted lifetime, as well as how they did actually relate solely to members. The new emotional engagement and understanding of new frog didn’t arise regarding the specific communications on the game but, alternatively, this new translation and you will creative imagination of people. Moreover, the fresh players’ thoughts for the and you will viewpoints of frog were not limited to new Travelling Frog video game, however, lengthened alive outside the online game. It estimated their expectations of way of living easily on their connection with the newest frog, and you can wished to enjoys similar dating through its parents or students, making it possible for the participants to consider new frog as their youngster. We show a few reasons why people seen the fresh frog because their child: so you can project the brand new promise away from way of life freely also to share its assumption of a perfect moms and dad-child relationships.

Projecting the Guarantee out of Life Easily

Just like the change of the markets system within the Asia, young adults keeps experienced a whole lot more certain threats, nevertheless the government has never then followed an entire appeal program and you can public security system to help with individual innovation. Anyone must trust themselves otherwise by herself.

“When you look at the real life, most people are packed with concerns, same as most people have one sorts of life: strive and you will save money purchasing a property to repay off. Our company is against this tension…” (Women interviewee 4, twenty years dated, Chengdu).

For the regarding financial rationality, the fresh status and you may purpose of possessions provides considerably increased, and you can assets possession might one of the most important elements a good life (Wu, 2016). The brand new role of economic basis in-marriage is all the more apparent in rural and you can towns. Brand new bride to be rates from inside the outlying parts was increasing annual. In cities, potential couples are needed to have an automobile and you can a house ahead of ). More over, for almost all young people who aren’t regional inhabitants into the an effective urban area, if they have to obtain local urban hukou, that gives use of social properties and public welfare, they are expected to pick a house (Lui, 2017; Nie & XING, 2011). Higher cost force they to be effective tough and accept overtime try to take care of work balances in the face of unemployment and you can fierce race (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, & Hou, 2019). not, teenagers data tough otherwise performs overtime not merely because of the price tag away from lifestyle and you may innovation will set you back, also because of their standards on their own.