Reference to Sis Amy [ revise ]

When you find yourself she only appeared in about three episodes, Brother Amy is highly high getting Daria’s character: she reveals a prospective ways an older Daria you’ll turn out, some thing both was basically aware of when you look at the “I really don’t”. They display comparable intellects and sarcastic humours, and you can were demonstrated to get along well. Afterwards, Daria might possibly be shown looking at Amy to have advice and you may guidelines.

Into the “Cousin Nauseum”, however, Daria are disillusioned to acquire Amy was just just like the flawed since the their own mommy and you may Sibling Rita, and you will was just causing an issue. Daria and you can Quinn was required to resolve they themselves, and you can Amy accepted one reality.

Daria and Jane [ change ]

Jane ‘s the very first and only friend Daria keeps ever produced, of the her very own entry. Even with their particular history of on purpose separating individuals and you may walling herself off, she nearly instantly befriended Jane pursuing the girl exhibited the same pessimistic sense of humour. In “The brand new Daria Diaries”, she in early stages discussed Jane due to the fact “snide, crazy, and anti-public. Finally, a buddy.”

A lack of Jane, and concern it’d feel long lasting, in “Look for Jane Focus on” noticed Daria beginning to correspond with by herself. (Also she try bemused from this)

When you look at the “Is it Slip Yet ,?”, she accepted so you can admiring and you can taste Jane’s mood regarding confidence: “you realize which you’re, and you will nobody’s ever going so you’re able to fraud your for the considering that you don’t.” Sound star Tracy Grandstaff has actually advised “maybe she admired Jane plenty as the Jane is actually socially in the simplicity, ideal lookin, produced aside which have men, and you can did not have a comparable hang ups?” (Into the a deep side compared to that, she ways The newest Hug might have took place because “Possibly Daria thought you to definitely Jane you’ll homes another people easier than simply their unique? Perhaps she think Jane really wasn’t you to definitely to the Tom?”)

Connection with friends [ modify ]

  • Brittany Taylor: A popular, bubbly, air-headed supporter, a special antithesis out of Daria. Even after the wildly additional. everythings, Brittany seems to look at Daria since their own buddy which will be usually dealing with their particular to talk, no matter if Daria feedback their own because an enthusiastic irritant and sometimes renders derogatory comments to or around their particular. Daria commonly either select by herself enabling Brittany (“The fresh Invite”, “New Heartache Hottie”), if you find yourself Brittany will sometimes walk out her treatment for assist Daria (“The outdated therefore the Stunning”, “Courtesy good Contact Darkly”). She sometimes mentions Daria’s unpopularity or basic looks, however, unthinkingly (as if these are generally simple circumstances) as opposed to maliciously. When she revealed Daria try relationships utilized and you may happy.
  • Kevin Thompson: A greatest sports pro and you can Brittany’s boyfriend. Daria has actually influencing their absurdity such as she did Beavis and Butt-direct, and sometimes insults him: the guy does not know the majority of her insults. Regardless of this, as with Brittany, the guy appears to consider their unique as a buddy: have a tendency to trying her suggestions (“The brand new Agony Hottie”, “Also Lovable”) when you find yourself unthinkingly bringing-up their particular unpopularity meanwhile, plus “The big Domestic” and you may “Ill”, being concerned getting her hobbies. Inside “Partner’s Criticism” whether or not, the guy panicked at the thought away from hanging out with Daria to have people length of time. He after believe Tom is joking as he said he was Daria’s day. (“Would it be Slip Yet?”)
  • Jodie Landon: She’s one of many hardly any students which might be on Daria’s height intellectually. She and you will Daria either conflict over its divergent views or over Daria’s misanthropic feelings (“Gifted”, “Partner’s Criticism”, “Fizz Ed”). Even with its character clashes, Jodie will starts discussions which have Daria and will often seek their particular information (Daria usually sometimes snark rather). Daria often turns in order to Jodie when she can not speak with Jane, like when Jane started matchmaking Tom (“Partner’s Grievance”) otherwise whenever there are rumours in regards to the sex life of Daria and you may Tom at school (“My Nights on Daria’s”). Rather, inside the “Gifted” one another girls accepted it both need they might be a lot more like one other. She actually is socially friendly with Daria: this lady has greeting their particular into Landon next regarding July activities; the woman is concerned about Daria’s hobbies.