If you’ve authorized on EliteSingles plus matchmaking life is looking up, it is advisable to start get yourself ready for a fresh phase of existence. Begin by making your property a property.

1. Well-equipped cooking area 2. Family images 3. Artworks 4. Well-stocked bookshelves 5. dogs 6. take a trip paraphernalia 7. Musical devices 8. fashion designer furniture 9. classic furniture 10. Hand-made things

on the other side end of the size, 51per cent of review respondents said they’d be ready to disappear from a possible relationship if their own liveable space was not doing scrape.

in line with the study males voted inspirational notes once the greatest house scary (25percent of votes), with packed animals (23%) and so many beauty products (13percent). Floral habits and kitsch, girly accessories had been also detailed as annoying household attributes. Women indicated to a new collection of no-go products; an empty-looking apartment received 63percent of this votes, accompanied by the presence of videos video game console (9percent) and ugly tints (8per cent). The study also revealed that males attempting to get ready for a night out together ought to avoid having blank wall space and bare fridges.


Survey of 1500 EliteSingles members